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Welcome to Nanjing University

Located in the ancient capital of Nanjing, Nanjing University and its predecessors have taken responsibility for the country and the nation during its development of over 100 years. Committed to the prosperity of the nation and the advancement of science, Nanjing University makes significant contributions to the revitalization of China.

Especially since the Reform and Opening-up, Nanjing University has seized this historic opportunity and gained vitality. Maintaining good momentum in teaching, research, social service as well as cultural inheritance and innovation, Nanjing University ranks among the top of China’s universities.

Over the past century, Nanjing University has been through many vicissitudes and experienced repeated changes in its name and location, but its traditional spirit of honesty, perseverance, self-reliance and unremitting pursuit of truth and creativity has been passed on from generation to generation and will be carried forward into the future.

Situated in the old capital city of Nanjing, Nanjing University has a one-hundred-year-long history and enjoys high prestige. It evolved from Sanjiang Normal School (established in 1902), to Liangjiang Normal School, to Nanjing Higher Normal School, to National Southeastern University

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