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The motto of Nanjing University

The century-old tradition and motto of Nanjing University, “Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance with Integrity,” is deeply embedded in the institution’s history and tradition, and serves as a guiding principle for all members of the university community. It emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity, while also encouraging student and faculty to aim high and work hard to achieve their goals. Perseverance and creativity are also key values that are encouraged, as they enable individuals to overcome challenges and innovate in their respective fields.

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School spirit of Nanjing University

The spirit of Nanjing University can be described as rigorous, practical, diligent, and innovative. It emphasizes the significance of being serious and practical in both work and studies, along with being hardworking and innovative in discovering new solutions and approaches.

School song of Nanjing University

The school song of Nanjing University, which dates back to around 1916, is actually the oldest school song in the university's history, originally used as the school song of Nanjing Higher Normal School. This iconic school song was composed by Mr. Li Shutong, a renowned master of modern Chinese music, while the lyrics were written by Mr. Jiang Qian, the first president of Nanjing Higher Normal School.

Vision of Nanjing University

In 2022, Nanjing University celebrated its 120th anniversary and revealed a new vision for its future, encompassing four key aspects:

• Attracting talented individuals from all over the world and empowering them to unleash their full potential within a free, tolerant, and equitable environment;

• Instill in its students the ability to find joy and satisfaction in overcoming challenges, develop a passion for learning, and achieve academic excellence;

• Cultivating talents that benefits both the country and the world, with the goal of establishing itself as a world-renowned institution of higher learning, and contributing to the rejuvenation of the nation;

• Remaining dynamic, vigorous, and innovative, keeping pace with the changing times, and continually renewing itself with the world.

These concepts and objectives are a testament to Nanjing University’s unwavering commitment to building a unique and exceptional institution that stands out in the global academic arena.

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