Undergraduate Programs

NJU is devoted to providing the best undergraduate education in China, empowering students to become leaders in an ever-changing world.

Graduate Programs

Through interdisciplinary collaborations and a supportive academic environment, NJU strives to foster intellectual growth and produce graduates who make significant contributions to their fields of expertise.

Ph.D. Programs

Nanjing University is recognized as one of the pioneering institutions to admit international students in China, creating a diverse and multicultural learning environment.

Exchange Programs

Nanjing University is dedicated to offering exchange programs that cater to the diverse needs of individuals from various backgrounds.

Chinese Language Programs

Chinese language programs are specifically designed by Nanjing University for international students who are interested in learning Chinese and improving their proficiency in the language.

Degree Programs Taught in English

Nanjing University offers a variety of degree programs and courses taught in English, especially designed for international students.

Confucius Institutes

Beginning from 2006, Nanjing University has established 8 Confucius Institutes (CI) together with universities and institutions abroad under support and guidance from CI Headquarters to promote Chinese language and culture as well as people-to-people exchanges between China and the rest of the world.