Urban modernization research center of Jiangsu Province

Urban science focuses on urban social structure change, urban development, urban problems and urban governance in the view of cross disciplinary.

Institute of Urban Science, Nanjing University (IUS) was founded in 2009 rooted from the researching center of urban modernization in Jiangsu Province set up in 2003. IUS focuses on significant issues at home and abroad for a long time, including urban change and development strategy, urban issues, urban culture, urban and rural development, urban governance, beautiful countryside construction. In addition, IUS has been engaged in social practice, practiced the academic idea and transform the research result. IUS set up Profound Think Forum, published the journal of China Ancient City.

Specialists and experts of IUS have been undertaken hundreds research programs of national social science fund and other funds. IUS has published more than 100 books like urban scheming books, urban study translations, urban brand books, comparative urban studies and more than 400 research papers on urban science. The fund supported researches include the Jiangsu characteristic urban development study, Jiangsu mid-small town development road and pattern, the study on characteristic cultural cities in China and so on. The books include the Urban Culture Capital, Urban Positioning Study, New Urbanization Road and Pattern, Urban Sociology of Culture, Space and Structure and so on. IUS has cultivated more than 100 graduate students and doctoral students. This research results which have been recognized and praised in society positively promote the scientific development of Chinese cities and the process of urbanization in China. Under constant and strenuous efforts of teachers and students, IUS has developed into an important think tank based on urban research in China.

The IUS has established many wide relationships with other academic organizations such as the Jiangsu urban economy association, Jiangsu urban strategy think-tank, and the global thought committee of Columbia University of the U.S. IUS have translated several classical urban books and held the Sino-American Urban Academic Saloon.


Zhang Hongyan, dean of IUS, zhang6013@126.com, tel: 86-25-13705186013

HU Xiaowu, vice dean of IUS, huxiaowu@nju.edu.cn, tel:86-25-13912944421