Research Center for Southern-Jiangsu’s Leading Realization of Basic Modernization

The Research Center for Southern-Jiangsu’s Leading the Way in Early-Stage Modernization was established in 2012 with Professor Hong Yingxing, a prominent economist and distinguished professor of Nanjing University, as its chief specialist. The center is supported by the university’s Research Center for Socio-Economic Development of Yangtze River Delta, a national key research base of humanities and social sciences. It is also approved by the provincial philosophical and social science planning office to be a Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Base of Jiangsu.

Southern Jiangsu has always been staying on top nation-wide in its socio-economic development. In 2007, this area met in all aspects Jiangsu’s standards for an all-around moderately prosperous society. As a pioneer in achieving early-stage modernization, the area is leading the way of modernization for the entire country. Therefore, the center tries to use advanced theories and research paradigms to summarize the experiences and methods of Southern Jiangsu and provide replicable models and systematic measures for the whole of the country in the course of modernization. Under the strategic arrangements of the Jiangsu provincial CPC committee and provincial government, the center strives to develop forward-looking theoretical studies as a think tank, make timely, practical and theory-backed proposals and suggestions with regard to the development of Jiangsu, and make the successful experience of Southern Jiangsu’s lead in early-stage modernization into a model for the entire province and the country in the course of modernization.


Prof. Ge Yang