Jiangsu “Two-Leading” Research Institute

Founded in 2011, the Jiangsu’s “Two-Leads” Research Institute was initiated by Professor Hong Yinxing, a prominent economist and former Chancellor of Nanjing University. The institute is supported by the School of Economics of Nanjing University, which is ranked the first in the economics discipline in Jiangsu Province and the fourth in theoretical economics in the country. It is a policy-making advisory and research agency for Jiangsu Province, approved and accredited by the Allied Philosophy and Social Sciences Association of Jiangsu Province.

The “Two Leads” refers to the aim that Jiangsu leads the way in building up an all-round well-off society and leads the way in achieving the basic level of modernization. As Jiangsu’s economic development consistently stays on top nation-wide, there is no readily replicable experience of realizing the “Two Leads.” Therefore, the institute is tasked to summarize, with cutting-edge theories and advanced research paradigms, the experiences and methods of the “Two Leads” by Jiangsu Province and provide the whole country with replicable models and systematic measures. Under the strategic arrangements of Jiangsu provincial CPC committee and Jiangsu provincial government, the institute develops forward-looking theoretical studies as a think tank, which timely puts forward practical and theory-backed development policy proposals for the province, offering the provincial CPC and government high-quality policy-making advisory services.


Prof. Ge Yang

Email: geyang@nju.edu.cn