Social Management Innovation Center of Jiangsu Province

The Social Management Innovation Center was established in November 2011. It is built on the foundation of the School of Social Behavior and Science and Heren Charity Academy, Nanjing University. Its mission is to promote research in social construction, social management and social services and to cultivate social management innovators and social service talents.

The center is committed to studying critical issues of particular relevance to controversies in public policy. To help policymakers make constructive decisions based on the best available information, the center has established partnership with many other institutions and organizations such as Jiangsu Civil Affairs Bureau, Jiangsu Branch of Red Cross Society of China, and Jiangsu Branch of China Charity Federation.

The center has as its workers approximately 100 master students and Ph.D. candidates who major in Social Work with various concentrations. Several research groups have been established to conduct work on specific issues such as the transformation of charity and the difficulties of community management. They have already had many publications.

The center has reached an agreement with the University of Southern California (USC), aiming at promoting international scientific and scholarly cooperation in several majors such as Social Work and Social Management.


Prof. Fang Changchun

Tel: 13913882515