Jiangsu Research Base of Culture Industry

Jiangsu Cultural Industry Research Base was established in 2013. It is developed to study important theory-application and practical problems encountered in the development of cultural industry in Jiangsu Province. Its major task is to complete the research projects commissioned by Jiangsu provincial government and organize the activities amalgamated of industry, education and research.

The research base explores an effective model of cultural industry development and cultivates cultural industry research talents and management talents. It has a research team of doctoral supervisors, senior researchers and young scholars. All the academic leaders are well-known scholars in their respective research fields who have held important research projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund and the National Social Sciences Fund.

The research base has completed many research projects:

  • Research on the Path and Pattern of Cultural Industry in Jiangsu Province Promoted by Technological Progress

  • Research on the Integrated Development Model of Traditional and New Media against the Background of the Big Data

  • Research on the Guidelines and Measures for Accelerating the Development of Cultural Industry in Jiangsu Province during 13th Five-Year Plan

  • Research on Path to Achieving the Unity of Social and Economic Benefits of the State-Owned Cultural Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

  • Research on the New Forms and Space Effect of Cultural Industry in Jiangsu Province

  • Research on Regional Collaborative Innovation and Cultural Industry Reform of the Supply Side in Jiangsu Province

The research base organizes activities amalgamated of industry, education, and research such as its cultural financial cooperation with Nanjing Cultural and Art Assets Exchange Square.


Ma Qing