National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center

National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Energy-efficient Semiconductor Devices and Materials

The National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Energy-efficient Semiconductor Devices and Materials was founded in November 2012 under the support of the National Development and Reform Commission and the support from Nanjing University. It collaborates with top universities, research institutes and major industrial partners throughout the country. To fasten the development of semiconductor energy-saving industries of Jiangsu province, the research center focuses on developing core technologies of solid state lighting and energy-saving electronics. It strives to supply all-round, professional, and multi-level public R&D services and to promote technology transfer. Based on advanced semiconductor materials and device concepts, the center aims to improve the efficiency of electro-optical conversion, photo-electric conversion and electro-electric conversion as well as to develop more efficient power management methods. Its main task is to provide sustainable intellectual and technical support for the technology advancement of solid state lighting industry in Jiangsu Province, and also for the innovation of energy-efficient semiconductor technologies.

The center covers an area of 3000 m2, including a 1000 m2 cleanroom. The facilities include metal-organic chemical vapor deposition, hydride vapor phase epitaxy and other material growth systems, material and device characterization systems, and device fabrication equipment. The center is also supported by the infrastructures of Nanjing University as well as industrial companies of Jiangsu Province. Its on-going projects are targeted to promote the whole technical level of solid state lighting and electronic industries of Jiangsu Province. It has realized innovation service functions of technical support, standard making, information sharing, and technology transfer during the past three years, and now becomes one of the top R&D service platforms in China. The overall objective of the center is to foster a prospective incubator base for solid state lighting and energy-saving semiconductor industries in Jiangsu Province, which would benefit the whole industry chain.