Indeed, throughout its history Nanda(NJU) has promoted scholarship and research in ways that have produced generations of leaders...I also applause its engagement with more than two hundred universities and research institutes around the world.

                                         Peter Salovey        

                                           President, Yale University

We are keen to continue to work with our global partners to achieve [the mission of our university]… There are great opportunities for our two institutions to collaborate in Nanjing in mutually interested areas, an endeavor that we look forward in further developing.

                                                                                                Professor Stephen J. Toope         

                                                                                 Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

Congratulations on 120 remarkable years as an international beacon of academic excellence. Your university has not only weathered social and cultural changes that have altered the course of global history but at every juncture adapted and emerged even stronger. Today, you are truly among the most preeminent and globally connected universities in all of China.

                                                                                                  Professor Ronald J. Daniels     

                                                                                          President, Johns Hopkins University

We appreciate that NJU was able to rapidly develop its global strategy for the next decade in response to the ongoing worldwide crisis, not only to prepare younger generations for uncertain challenges, but to strengthen its commitments to higher education.  

                              Carol T. Christ                   

                           Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

Throughout its history, Nanjing University has been one of China’s leading universities and has produced many distinguished alumni. Its reputation is known throughout the world today and the University of Tokyo is honored to be one of its partners.

                          Kaori Hayashi                      

                            Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo