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NJU hosts the 38th Jiangsu Development Forum

On June 21, 2023, the 38th Jiangsu Development Forum was held at NJU Gulou Campus. Xin Changxing, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPC, Xu Kunlin, Governor of Jiangsu, and Zhang Yizhen, Chairman of Jiangsu Committee of the CPPCC, were present at the forum. Tan Tieniu, Academician of the CAS and Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee, and Tan Zhemin, Academician of the CAS and President of NJU attended the forum. Hong Yinxing, former Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee and the University Distinguished Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, presided over the forum. The forum serves as a platform for government officials, scholars and experts to exchange ideas and engage in in-depth discussions regarding the development of Jiangsu province.

During the forum, experts and scholars from different disciplines actively offered their suggestions and advice on the theme of “Jiangsu’s Practice of Chinese Path to Modernization.” The discussions covered various aspects, including the importance of digital economy, the new type of industrialization, the furthering of opening-up policy, the development of marine economy, environmental protection, and cultural heritage preservation and development.

The proposals included establishing innovation hubs for industrial science and technology, ensuring equal distribution of high-quality healthcare resources, expanding city clusters along the Yangtze River, and implementing measures to enhance people’s living standards.

Tan Tieniu shared his insights on harnessing NJU’s potential for Jiangsu’s high-quality development. He highlighted NJU’s role in promoting sci-tech development and talent training, as well as providing advice and consultation for the region’s development.

Xin Changxing and Xu Kunlin expressed their gratitude to the scholars and experts for their valuable advice. They also expressed their expectations that the scholars and experts would continue to conduct research on frontier topics, gain insights from practical experiences, and contribute further ideas for Jiangsu’s reform and development.

The forum was also attended by provincial officials Zhang Aijun, Han Liming, Chu Yonghong, Ma Xin, and Fan Jinlong.

Writer: Jin Yue

Editor: Guo Ankang