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The Generalized c/μ Rule for Queues with Heterogeneous Server Pools

Recently, the research paper titled The Generalized c/μ Rule for Queues with Heterogeneous Server Pools, of which Zhenghua Long is the first author, was accepted and published online in the UTD24 international journal Operations Research ( The three co-authors of this paper are Assistant Professor Zhang Hailun of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), Professor Zhang Jiheng of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Professor Zhang Zhe of Western Washington University. 

Mr. Long and his co-workers have studied the very classical inverted V model in queuing theory (the same type of customers can be served by entering service stations with different processing capabilities). The results can be widely used in application scenarios related to resource allocation scheduling such as call centers, medical services, and data processing, and innovatively proposed the Generalized c/μ Rule (Gc/μ) dynamic scheduling strategy. With the principle of fairness, customers can be dynamically assigned to different service stations to reduce the overall operation cost of the system, which is different from the traditional processing scheme of sequential assignment according to static priorities. 

The results of this paper have been highly evaluated by the reviewers and the editor-in-chief, who said that this work has made an excellent contribution.

Translator: Shao Yihang

Editors: Guo Ankang, Shao Yihang