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A General History of Nanjing Buddhism: the first book about urban Buddhist history in China

Recently, the first book about urban Buddhist history in China, titled A General History of Nanjing Buddhism, has been published. The series is comprised of three volumes and four books, edited by Professor Lai Yonghai, a senior professor of humanities and social sciences at Nanjing University and Dean of the Institute of Chinese Culture at Nanjing University, and printed by the Commercial Press.

This publication offers a comprehensive overview of the history of Buddhism in Nanjing, spanning from the Eastern Wu era to the 1940s. It highlights the sinicization process of Buddhism in China, with a particular focus on the Jiangnan region. The objective evaluation presented in this publication underscores the critical role played by Nanjing Buddhism in the historical development of sinicization, popularization, and modernization of Buddhism in China. Furthermore, it confirms the various historical records that demonstrate Nanjing's significant influence on the development of Buddhism throughout the country.

Translator: He Yao

Editors: Guo Ankang, Shao Yihang