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Registration for the 3rd Nanjing GRB Conference

New transients,

New missions,

New ideas.

Since the 2nd Nanjing GRB conference held in 2019, significant strides have been made in the field of Gamma-Ray Bursts. The detection of several distinctive GRBs, including the unprecedented "Brightest of All Time" GRB 221009A, has been continuously driving this vigorous field. In May 2024, we will gather once again in the beautiful city of Suzhou with the aim of summarizing and discussing the recent progress, both in the fronts of new observations and theoretical modeling. It will also highlight the initiatives and the results of some existing, newly launched or anticipated space/ground-based missions/telescopes, with a strong focus on their connections to multi-messenger astrophysics.

Co-organizer: Nanjing University 

                         Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Host: Institute for Deep Space Exploration Science and Technology at Nanjing University

Scientific Organizing Committe

L. Amati (INAF, Italy)

A. J. Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC, Spain)

S. Brad. Cenko (NASA/GSFC, USA)

Z. G. Dai (USTC, China)

W.-f. Fong (Northwestern  U., USA)

G. Ghirlanda (INAF, Italy)

D. Hartmann (Clemson U., USA)

K. Ioka (YITP, Japan)

S. Kobayashi (LJMU, UK)

C. Kouveliotou (GWU, USA)

E.-W. Liang (GXU, China)

P.  Mészáros (PSU, USA)

K. Murase (PSU, USA)

S. Nagataki (RIKEN, Japan)

P. O'Brien (U. of Leicester, UK)

A. Pe’er (BIU, Israel)

T. Piran (HUJI, Israel)

L. Piro (INAF, Italy)

E. Troja (Uniroma2, Italy)

J.-Y. Wei (NAOC, China)

R.A.M.J.  Wijers (UVA, Nederland)

X. F. Wu (PMO, China, Co-chair)

W.-M. Yuan (NAOC, China)

B. Zhang (UNLV, USA,  Co-chair)

B.-B. Zhang (NJU, China, Co-chair)

S.-N. Zhang (IHEP, China)

Local Organizing Committee

Z.-G, Dai (USTC)

Y.-F. Huang (NJU)

Z.-P. Jin (PMO)

Z.-Y. Li (NJU)

R.-Y. Liu (NJU)

Y.-L. Ma (NJU)

F.-Y. Wang(NJU)

X.-Y. Wang (NJU)

D.-M. Wei (PMO)

X.-F. Wu (PMO, Co-chair)

H.-M. Zhang (NJU)

B.-B. Zhang (NJU, Co-chair)

N. Zhao (NJU)

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