Tan Zhemin meets with Alexander Buresch, Senior Vice President BMW Group IT

On May 31, Tan Zhemin, President of NJU and Academician of CAS, met with Alexander Buresch, Senior Vice President BMW Group IT and his delegation at NJU Gulou campus. The two sides engaged in in-depth discussions about innovative entrepreneurship projects in the fields of digitization and informatization, and explored prospects for future collaboration. Vice President Lu Yanqing attended the meeting.

Tan Zhemin warmly welcomed Alexander Buresch and his delegation. He briefly introduced NJU's history, current development, and future vision. He highlighted that NJU has established international exchange and cooperation relationships with over 200 universities and research institutions in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. This includes close collaborations with more than ten top German universities, such as the University of Munich. Joint platforms at NJU, like the Sino-German Institute for Law Studies and the "John Rabe and International Safety Zone Memorial Hall," have significantly contributed to enhancing Sino-German exchanges and development. In recent years, NJU has further promoted scientific and technological innovation, strengthened the development of new engineering disciplines, and continuously deepened industry-academia integration. The university has expanded its cooperation with the industry in various technical fields, including electronic information, biotechnology and new medicine, new materials, and resources and environment. Last November, the "Nanjing University-BMW LingYue: Quantum Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Project" was officially launched. He hoped the project will foster stronger collaboration between the two sides.

Alexander Buresch thanked President Tan for his warm reception. He introduced that BMW Group has a development history of over 30 years in China and has enjoyed successful collaborations with many well-known Chinese universities. BMW Group IT is particularly committed to seeking technological innovation and strategic cooperation opportunities in emerging fields such as data AI, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Therefore, NJU is an important long-term partner for BMW. He hopes to further enhance the cooperation through the "Nanjing University-BMW LingYue" project, and looks forward to comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in information technology in the future.