First Nanjing University New Technology Alumni Development Conference held

On May 19, the First Nanjing University New Technology Alumni Development Conference was held at Gulou Campus. Organized by the Nanjing University New Technology Alumni Association, this event was part of the series celebrating the 122nd anniversary of Nanjing University. Attendees included Tan Zhemin, President of Nanjing University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wu Wei, Vice Mayor of Nanjing. Alumni from various new technology fields such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and the digital economy gathered to discuss technological innovation, and strategize industrial development.

In his speech, Tan Zhemin highlighted the rapid progress of the global technological revolution and industrial transformation, emphasizing the crucial role of scientific and technological innovation in social development. He encouraged deeper integration of industry, academia, and research, leveraging the strengths of the university, local government, and alumni enterprises to foster innovation and development. He also thanked Nanjing Municipal Government for its long-term support to the university's growth, and called for further collaboration between the city and the university to enhance technological capabilities and support new quality production forces.

Wu Wei acknowledged Nanjing University's historical and significant contributions to the nation's and local development. He highlighted that the partnership between the city and the university has been strengthened, achieving significant results in areas such as discipline construction, talent cultivation, and scientific research. The university has played a crucial role in advancing key technologies. Wu expressed hope for continued collaboration to create a globally influential industrial and technological innovation center.

Zhan Donghui, president of the Nanjing University New Technology Alumni Association, welcomed attendees and emphasized the association's mission to foster new quality production through technology. He believed that the conference would strengthen connections among alumni, technologies, and industries, leading to greater achievements made by Nanjing University alumni in emerging tech fields.

During the conference, attending alumni representatives engaged in discussions and exchanges on topics such as the development and application of artificial intelligence, semiconductor technology, and new energy and new materials.