Tan Tieniu meets with WONG Siu Kong, Chairman of Kerry Properties Ltd.

On April 2, Tan Tieniu, Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), met with Wong Siu Kong, Chairman of of Kerry Properties Ltd. and his delegation at Xianlin Campus. Both sides extended their wishes to strengthen communication and foster deeper cooperation.

On behalf of NJU, Tan Tieniu welcomed Wong and his delegation. He expressed gratitude to Kuok Khoon Chen, Chairman of the Kerry Holdings Ltd., for his reception in January, and for his generosity to promote the establishment of the Southeast Asian Science and Education Exchange Fund. Tan expressed his appreciation for Kuok’s patriotism and dedication. He briefly introduced the history and development of the university, and emphasized the strong bond between NJU and the Southeast Asian region, especially Malaysia. NJU has received steadfast support from many overseas philanthropists and entrepreneurs who are fervently dedicated to advancing education and promoting public welfare. Tan hoped to take this opportunity to further promote communication and cooperation between the two sides.

Reflecting on the past, Wong Siu Kong underscored his friendship with Tan Tieniu in Hong Kong. The Kerry Group has long placed great importance on education and hopes to deepen cooperation with NJU in the future. The two sides together cultivate generations of talented individuals who contribute to the development of the society.

Before the meeting, Wong and his delegation visited NJU History Museum. They participated in a talk with awardees of the Joyce M. Kuok Scholarship.

The Joyce M. Kuok Foundation Scholarship was established by the Joyce M. Kuok Foundation, which was named after Joyce M. Kuok, the late wife of the renowned philanthropist and social activist Mr. Robert Kuok. Since its establishment in 1986, the scholarship has been dedicated to promoting the development of education in mainland China and Hong Kong. It has set up scholarships in numerous educational institutions in both regions, aiming to reward students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements, exceptional research capabilities, and research potential.

Writer: Guo Junlin

Editor: Nie Xiaoran, Song Jiaxin