NJU conducts annual performance review

On February 22 and 23, 2024, NJU held a meeting to assess the annual work in 2023 and discuss plans for 2024. Representatives from 91 faculties and administrative units presented summaries of their work in 2023 and outlined their plans for 2024. Tan Tieniu, Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee, and Tan Zhemin, President of NJU, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Zhong, Executive Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee.

Tan Tieniu conveyed warm wishes for the Year of the Loong and the commencement of the new semester. This meeting served as a targeted initiative to evaluate the work of the past year and drive the implementation of the university's plans for the new year. Acknowledging the accomplishments in 2023, he called for higher standards in 2024. He envisioned that in 2024, the university would continue its trajectory of excellence, surpassing previous achievements and establishing new benchmarks for academic and operational excellence.

Tan Zhemin expressed gratitude for the collective efforts of everyone involved. He underscored the meeting as a platform for discussing practical actions geared towards the university's development. In the new year, the university would expedite the high-quality development of disciplines, strengthen talent team building by attracting more top talents and young individuals, advance both basic research and the industrial application of research achievements, and stive for more resources to support these endeavors.

The participants actively engaged in discussions about the challenges encountered by the university. They also proposed concrete actions for future development.