School leaders extend Spring Festival greetings to students, faculty, and staff members

Ahead of the Spring Festival 2024, leaders of NJU, including Tan Tieniu, Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee, and President Tan Zhemin, visited and extended New Year greetings to some retired leaders, academicians, faculty, staff members, and students who stayed on campus.

During the visits, Tan Tieniu and Tan Zhemin expressed deep gratitude to the retired leaders, academicians, and senior professors for their dedicated contributions to the development of Nanjing University.

Tan Tieniu also visited the library, canteens, and dormitory, and met with students who chose to celebrate and experience the upcoming Chinese New Year on campus.

The university leaders also expressed appreciation to those working over the holiday. They extended their support and gratitude to those who are stationed in their posts and sacrifice time to keep the University functioning smoothly during the holiday.