NJU welcomes the undergraduate Class of 2027

On September 2, 2023, NJU warmly welcomed the incoming Class of 2027 at its Gulou Campus. Approximately 3,900 new undergraduate students have now become part of the NJU community, embarking on their college journey with joy and anticipation.


On the morning of September 10, NJU hosted its 2023 opening ceremony for the new students, marking the official commencement of their college life. Prof. Tan Tieniu, Secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee and Academician of CAS, Prof. Tan Zhemin, President of Nanjing University, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee and Academician of CAS, and Lin Pinghua, former Vice President of Southeast University attended the ceremony. Prof. Zhang Junfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Nanjing University Committee and Vice President of Nanjing University, hosted the ceremony.


On behalf of Nanjing University, Prof. Tan Zheming welcomed and congratulated the new undergraduates to join NJU, where they would let their dreams soar. “From this moment on, the spirit of the university motto ‘Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance with Integrity’ will be passed down to you, and it will also be rejuvenated because of you,” said Prof. Tan Zhemin.

Alumni representatives Xie Yonglin, President and Co-CEO of Ping An Group, and Prof. Zhang Ping, Academician of CAS and Dean of School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, extended their congratulations and wishes to the new students.

Faculty representative, Prof. Lu Hong from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, delivered welcome remarks.

University leaders in attendance presented university badges to the student representatives.

University distinguished professors, leaders and representatives from various departments and offices attended the opening ceremony.

Writer: Song Jiaxin

Editor: Guo Ankang