Tan Zhemin visits Shuangbai, Yunnan

From July 26 to 27, Tan Zhemin, President of NJU and Academician of CAS, visited Shuangbai County, located in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. During the two-day visit, President Tan Zhemin assessed the ongoing projects and initiatives under the pairing assistance program. He closely examined the specific needs and challenges faced by Shuangbai County. He engaged in detailed discussions with local officials and residents to gain insights into the region’s unique requirements and priorities. He also expressed NJU’s commitment to furthering cooperation between NJU and Shuangbai.

Over the past decade, Nanjing University has been actively involved in the assistance program in Shuangbai County. Throughout these ten years, NJU has utilized its expertise and resources to extend comprehensive support and aid to the county in a range of critical areas, such as education, poverty alleviation, economic and social development.

Tan Zhemin met with local officials.

Tan Zhemin visited local residents in Shuangbai.

Tan visited Shuangbai No.1 High School. NJU presented a one-million-yuan book donation to Shuangbai No.1 High School.

Tan interacted with NJU student volunteers who are actively engaged in teaching and community service in Shuangbai County.

Tan participated in the launch ceremony of the “Jiangsu Distinguished Teachers Lecture Program.” Supported by this program, more distinguished teachers from Jiangsu Province will share their teaching experiences with educators and students in Shuangbai.

Tan visited the Exhibition on NJU’s Ten-year Pairing Assistance Work in Shuangbai County

Leaders and officials from Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Yi Prefecture, and Yunnan Province, as well as representatives from of NJU joined in the visit.

Writer: Chen Liyu

Editor: Guo Ankang