NJU Suzhou Campus welcomes inaugural cohort

On July 22, NJU Suzhou Campus welcomed its first cohort of 500 undergraduate students. Cao Lubao, Member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Tan Tieniu, Secretary of the CPC NJU Committee and Academician of the CAS, Tan Zhemin, President of NJU and Academician of the CAS, and Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Suzhou, attended the welcoming ceremony.

Over the past five years, NJU and the Suzhou municipal government have achieved a close and fruitful collaboration in the development of NJU Suzhou campus. The partnership has resulted in remarkable progress in various aspects, such as infrastructure construction, course development, student enrollment, research platform building, and industrial application of research findings.

At 11 a.m., the much-awaited moment arrived as the first batch of 500 students stepped foot onto the campus. They will pursue their sutdies in four newly-established schools, School of Intelligent Science and Technology, School of Intelligent Software and Engineering, School of Integrated Circuits, and School of Digital Economy and Management.

Following the welcoming ceremony, the leaders of NJU and Suzhou City took a stroll around the newly inaugurated campus. Then they joined students for lunch. The students expressed their excitement about being part of the inaugural batch of students at NJU Suzhou Campus and their eagerness to make the most of the educational and research opportunities presented to them.

NJU will now operate across four campuses: the Gulou Campus, Pukou Campus, Xianlin Campus in Nanjing, and the Suzhou Campus in Suzhou. All undergraduate students will begin their studies at the Gulou Campus for their freshman year. Starting form the second year, they will move to Xianlin and Suzhou campuses based on their chosen majors and academic pursuits.

Additionally, the Suzhou Campus will also welcome its first cohort of master’s and Ph.D. students in August. The total number of faculty, staff and students on the Suzhou campus will reach nearly 1,000 in the upcoming fall semester.

Writer: Jin Yue

Editor: Guo Ankang