Tan Tieniu consults with heads of NJU administrative offices

Through September 27 to 28, Tan Tieniu, Secretary of CPC NJU Committee, had cunsulting dialogues with the heads of NJU administrative offices of the University on Xianlin Campus. Several University leaders including Yang Zhong, Tan Zhemin, Xue Hailin, Liu Hongjian, Zou Yajun, Wang Zhenlin, Zhang Junfeng, and Lu Yanqing took part in the activity respectively.

During the two-day dialogues, the heads of NJU administrative offices reported on their respective responsibilities and plan of key work for this semester.

Tan Tieniu listened attentively to the reports and inquired in detail about specific points while fully affirmed everyones contribution to the reform and development of Nanjing University.

He pointed out that all NJUers must continue to maintain a vigorous and diligent spirit, respond to changes, cultivate new opportunities, and start new chapters of NJU.

Tan Tieniu also emphasized that leadership at all levels of the University should work together to maintain the security of the campues for the faculty and students.

Translator: Jiang Huiyuan

Editors: Chen Xing, Shao Yihang