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Lake and Spring Scenery: landscape oil painting exhibition by Lu Qinglong

Lu Qinglong, a professor and vice dean of the School of Arts at NJU, is currently holding a small landscape oil painting exhibition titled “Lake and Spring Scenery” at the Art Museum of Thin West Lake Art Center in Yangzhou. The exhibition started on April 18 and will run until May 18.

With a prominent theme of nostalgia, the exhibition presents a collection of 43 profound works by Professor Lu. Each painting serves as a window into the artist’s treasured memories of rural life from his childhood.

The exhibition also showcases a captivating series titled "Small Scenes of the Thin West Lake," offering a glimpse into Professor Lu's deep admiration and love for Yangzhou, an ancient city steeped in history and culture.

Source: School of Arts

Translator: Shao Yihang

Editors: Guo Ankang, Shao Yihang