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Nanjing University Astronomy Night Ⅲ held

On April 21, the third edition of the “Blue Planet, Bright Sea of Stars: Nanjing University Astronomy Night” took place at Zuo Dijiang Observatory. This event, organized by the School of Astronomy and Space Science, aimed to celebrate Earth Day and popularize scientific knowledge while promoting the preservation of our planet and fostering an appreciation for the beauty of the starry sky.

A dedicated team of 62 volunteers, including faculty and students, organized the event, which attracted an audience of over 300. The evening showcased the scientific wonders of our blue planet and featured presentations on the latest research findings. Interactive astronomical experiments, games, and a visit to the observatory were among the activities provided. The sessions covered various intriguing topics, including gravitational fields, black holes, space infrared astronomy observation, and simulated manned lunar landings, sparking curiosity and fostering engaging discussions among the participants.

The “Nanjing University Astronomy Night” series of science popularization activities have been successfully held three times, attracting nearly 1000 participants in total. As a first-class discipline in a first-class university, the School of Astronomy and Space Science remains committed to the significance of social service, planning and executing more wonderful activities, and contributing to the advancement of both scientific knowledge and traditional culture.

Source: School of Astronomy and Space Science

Editors: Guo Ankang, He Yao