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NJU holds fun games for faculty

On April 28, NJU’s Fourth Fun Games for Faculty and Staff was held at Weihua Stadium, Xinalin. Yang Zhong, Executive Deputy Secretary of CPC NJU Committee, and Xue Hailin, Deputy Secretary of CPC NJU Committee, attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Xue Hailin mentioned that NJU has always prioritized the physical and mental well-being of our faculty and staff and organized various sports events that are enjoyed by everyone. It advocates the concept of being healthy and joyful. NJU Labor Union utilized group associations and promptly organized activities such as ping-pong, badminton, exercise training, and fitness walking. These activities not only foster a health-conscious mindset and improve physical fitness of the faculty and staff but also strengthened their unity and cooperation. Xue expressed his hope that everyone would commit to a one-hour daily exercise routine, leading a fulfilling and happy life. 

The sports meeting was jointly held by NJU Labor Union and the Department of Physical Education, participated by representative teams from 35 departments and offices.

Group games such as “NJU Glory,” “Circle to the End,” “Smart Tower,” and “Dynamic Rings” brought together elements of fun, entertainment, cooperation and competition, igniting the participants’ enthusiasm. Among these, the most popular one was “NJU Glory”, a challenging activity requiring intelligence and teamwork, where teams tried to assemble selected words within a specific time limit. Once the rules were understood, participants were eager to try their hand, planning their strategies and discussing the sequence of assembly. The fastest team completed the task in less than half the allotted time. When the words tuan jie fen dou (forging ahead together) were successfully assembled, the audience burst into applause. And the “Smart Tower,” tested both physical and mental abilities as team members raced while the audience cheered them on. It was a competition that not only emphasized speed but also collective wisdom. The lively atmosphere, filled with smiling faces and continuous cheers, allowed the participants to break free from daily pressures of teaching and research.

Competitions for individuals were equally intense. Around the sites of sand bag flinging, ground ball rolling, rope skipping and dart throwing, loud cheering was constantly heard. The competition of planking took place near noon. Despite the heat, each participant kept standard posture and stayed calm.

The Fun Games included altogether 34 events (24 individual events and 10 group ones), drawing over 2500 participants. In the end, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering ranked first in group total score, followed by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University Offices, School of Marine Science, Logistic Service Group and School of Life Sciences.

Translator: Qin Shirui

Editors: Chen Xing, He Yao