Campus Life

NJU holds music festival “SING! 2023”

On April 22, the first session of the “SING! 2023” music festival was held at Lizhao Lake,  Xianlin. The event is part of the celebrationg activities of  the 121st Anniversary of NJU.

The music festival featured outstanding performances given by alumni musicians, serving as an extension of the last year’s anniversary celebration. Qiu Jiliang from Class of 1988 of the Mathematics Department and his band called N/S, performed songs, including those from the album named CHENG, which is dedicated to the 120th Anniversary of NJU.

Zou Yajun, Standing Member of CPC NJU Committee and Vice President of NJU, attended the event. He sincerely hoped that students can relax at intervals of their study in this activity. He also expressed the University’s appreciation of the alumni and casts on behalf of NJU and the Alumni Association.

The next session will take place on May 13 at Suzhe Stadium at Gulou campus.

Translator: Lin Lin

Editors: Chen Xing, He Yao