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Blooming Flowers - Opening of Yu Jigao’s Painting Art Exhibition

On May 18, the opening ceremony of the “Blooming Flowers - Yu Jigao’s Chinese Painting Exhibition” was held at Nanjing University’s Xianlin Campus. The event commemorated the 47th International Museum Day and the 121st anniversary of Nanjing University. Tan Zhemin, President of Nanjing University and an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, met with the esteemed Nanjing University alumnus, Yu Jigao, a celebrated master of Chinese flower-and bird painting, along with his wife.

This exhibition, organized by Nanjing University, hosted by Nanjing University Museum, School of Art, and Jiangsu Flower and Bird Painting Association, brings together 51 paintings created by Yu Jigao during his 70 years of art, and will last until June 18, 2023. This event provides a valuable opportunity for teachers and students to appreciate and embrace both traditional culture and modern art.

The followings are works of Yu Jigao:

Translator: Shao Yihang

Editors: Guo Ankang, Shao Yihang