Zhang Feifei Receives 2024 F.G. Houtermans Award

Recently, the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) announced that Prof. Zhang Feifei of School of Earth Sciences and Engineering at Nanjing University has been awarded the 2024 F.G. Houtermans Award. The Houtermans Award is one of the highest honors given to young scientists in the international geochemistry community. Established by the EAG in memory of the renowned physicist Fredrich Georg Houtermans, the Houtermans Award is given to one young scientist worldwide each year in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions to the field of geochemistry.

(The official website of Houtermans Award describes the reasons for Prof. Zhang’s receiving the award.)

Prof. Feifei Zhang is mainly engaged in the research of metal stable isotope geochemistry. He establishes and perfects key metal isotope tracer techniques and principles, carries out integrated and cross-cutting research on the synergistic evolution of the deep-time Earth environment and life, combines metal stable isotopes with quantitative numerical simulations to reveal the details of the occurrence of the deep-time oceanic anoxic events, and achieves a series of innovative results in terms of the environmental backgrounds of the major biological events, such as the origin and early evolution of multi-cellular fauna, the end-Devonian extinction, the end-Diapause mass extinction, and the delayed resurgence in the Early Triassic.

The European Geochemical Society will present the medal and certificate of merit at the Goldschmidt Conference in Chicago in mid-August 2024, where Prof. Feifei Zhang will also give the award presentation.

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Source: School of Earth Sciences and Engineering

Writer: Shao Yihang