Spend Your Summer at NJU: GripS 2024 Applications are Open!

Nanjing University welcomes international students to joint our vibrant, diverse community and distinguished faculty in 2024 summer Global Research Immersion Program for Young Scientists (GripS), a funded summer research program that spans four to eight weeks.

From June to August, GripS students will have the unique opportunity to actively engage in a robust research program, which includes laboratory experience, industry visits, excursions around the picturesque Yangtze River Delta region, immersive Chinese cultural activities, enlightening lectures by esteemed academicians, and a supportive mentorship component.

Getting to Know NJU’s PI:




School of   Atmospheric Sciences

Huilin Chen

Atmospheric  Greenhouse Gas Research Lab

Huiling Yuan

Key Laboratory  of Mesoscale Severe Weather/ Ministry of Education

Lili Lei

Key Laboratory of Mesoscale Severe Weather

Minghuai Wang

Joint  International Research Laboratory of Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences

Yang Zhang

Climate dynamics  

School of Life   Sciences

Dijun Chen

Computational Biology Group

Jiayu Chen

Lab of Bioinformatics and RNA Genomics

Zhen Zhou

M³ Lab

School of the   Environment

Cheng Gu

Environmental Interface Chemistry Research Lab

Jun Luo

Pollutants biogeochemistry and environmental remediation

Rong Ji

Environmental Process and Global Change Lab

Xiaowei Zhang

Eco-Toxicology and Health Risk

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Ms. Wenjie Shen, Program Coordinator for GripS at NJU