NJU-Imperial “Cloud” Science Excursion and Research Project on AI kicks off

On July 17, 2023, NJU-Imperial “Cloud” Science Excursion and Research Project on AI kicked off. The 10-day pioneering event is jointly organized by NJU and Imperial College London, aiming to provide participating students with exclusive opportunities to gain valuable experience and knowledge in AI research and development. The opening ceremony was attended by Professor Xu Jun, Executive Vice Dean of the Undergraduate School, and Professor Shen Furao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Artificial Intelligence. Chen Qin, counselor of the School of Artificial Intelligence, hosted the ceremony.

The project harnesses the unique advantages of both universities in the field of AI research, particularly NJU’s expertise in data-driven machine learning and Imperial’s strength in knowledge-driven logical reasoning. Over the ten days, participating students will be fully immersed in a comprehensive learning experience. They will attend a series of academic lectures that delve into various aspects of AI principles and methodologies. They will also have the opportunity to explore diverse application scenarios by visiting businesses and research institutions, gaining practical and valuable real-world insights into AI implementation. Moreover, NJU students will actively interact with their peers and professors from Imperial. NJU and Imperial students will engage in group discussions to solve AI-related issues, and present their collective knowledge and experiences through group reports at the conclusion of the project.

Writer: Song Jiaxin

Editor: Guo Ankang