Artists and NJU students jointly revitalize Chinese traditional culture

On April 10, an exhibition of Tang-Song poetry-themed artworks, titled Hua Jian Ji, opened at the art gallery of Xingyun Building at Xianlin Campus. The exhibition displays a unique collaboration between top Chinese flower-and-bird painters and young members of NJU’s Linxia (meaning “under a tree in a greenwood”) Poetry Society, resulting in a harmonious blend of classical sentiment and contemporary aesthetics.

Hua Jian Ji features over 130 flower-and-bird paintings that blend traditional Chinese and Western modern art techniques. The exhibition emphasizes innovation while adhering to tradition, infusing contemporary styles into Chinese painting.

A major highlight of the exhibition is how the students of Linxia Poetry Society match poems of the Tang and Song periods with the paintings.

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity for the faculty and students to appreciate such expressive and innovative arts and engage in dialogues with artists.

Below is a selection of the artworks on display:

Translator: Liang Yu

Editors: Chen Xing, He Yao