School clubs in NJU Glue

Wednesday: 18:30-21:20


NJU Glue, Gulou (Between Taoyuan Dorms 2 and 3)

Starting from April, every Wednesday will be “Club-in-Glue Day”, where NJU school clubs, including Fans of The Dream of Red Mansions, Phantom of the Musicals Club, Rubik’s Cube Club, Jiuge Traditional Chinese Music Club, On Whale Chairing Club, put on exhibitions and shows about themselves from18:30 to 21:30.

So Gulou NJUers, do come! (Xianlin and Pukou NJUers welcome as well, of course.)

Phase I Activities:

Club: Fans of The Dream of Red Mansions

Time: 18:30-19:20, April 5

Do you know The Dream of Red Mansions other than the fact that it is one of the Four Great Classics? Or that it is the love tragedy between Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai? Do you want to experience the brilliance of the book and expand your horizon at the same time? Follow us to wander in the world of The Dream.

Club: Phantom of the Musicals

Time: 19:30-20:20, April 5

Are you regretting missing our concert because of Covid outbreak last December? It’s alright. We’re back! Next Wednesday, we are going to blow your mind with our singing, dancing and acting.

Club: Rubik’s Cube Club

Time: 20:30-21:20, April 5

Are you impressed with the CFOPs? Do you want to see how many kinds of Rubik’s cubes there are? Come to Gelu to become the Master of the Rubik’s cube!

Past Events:

From March to May 2022, under the guidance of NJU Youth League Committee, the Clubs Management Department successively launched three phases of “Clubs in Glue" activities, inviting Latin Dance Club, Zhitian Calligraphy and Painting Club and others to present themselves to the students.

Members of the Latin Dance Club led the students to experience the basic footwork and movements of the waltz. Zhitian Calligraphy and Painting Club showed as well as taught participants dozens of ways to write the character (fu, “good fortune”).

The Photography Club gave introduction to the construction of cameras and photography techniques. The hip-hop club invited students to pick out songs on the spot and gave impromptu performances accordingly.

Translator: Xie Tianyan

Editors: Chen Xing, He Yao