NJU Chinese orchestra gives special concert

In the evening of March 30 and March 31, NJU Chinese Orchestra presented concerts for teachers and students at Xianlin and Gulou campuses respectively.

The special concert, Seeking the Beauty of China and Forging Ahead at NJU, included musical pieces for Chinese wind and string instruments, as well as solo pieces for dulcimer, suona horn, zhongruan, and flute.

Chen Hongyuan, Academician of the CAS, Zou Yajun, Standing Member of the CPC NJU Committee and Vice President of NJU, and thousands of NJU teachers and students, enjoyed this musical event. On April 6 at 7 pm, the orchestra is scheduled for another special performance at Pukou campus.

Translator: He Yao

Editors: Chen Xing, He Yao