Beijing Opera Troupe Shows ‘Fourth Son Visits His Mother’on Campus

The special performance by the Second National Beijing Opera Troupe fascinated Nanjing University leaders, teachers and students in the evening of October 28 at Enling Theater of Xianlin Campus.

Sitting in the audience were Han Xingchen, the honorary chair of the National College Beijing Opera Committee, honorary director of Nanjing University School Board, former Secretary of the university’s CPC committee, Yong Anbao, director of the National College Beijing Opera Committee, standing vice chair and general secretary of Jiangsu Provincial College Beijing Opera Association, leaders of the university’s Communist Youth League and Student Employment and Career Guidance Center, representatives of teachers and students and many other Beijing Opera fans.

Before the performance, Jiang Qihu, a first-class actor of Beijing Opera Academy and winner of the Mei Lanfang Golden Prize, delivered a speech on the charms of Beijing opera by the title of “Appreciating the beauty of Chinese classics.”

During the speech, he spontaneously sang some songs from the Beijing Opera and interacted with students from Jiqing Theater, a student society on campus.

Beijing Opera, he said, was a typical traditional Chinese art and a product of Chinese classical aesthetics, representing the most vivid and concentrated traditional Chinese ideology.

He also expressed his hope that more people can participate in the art of Beijing Opera to make the quintessence pass on from generation to generation.

After the speech, the troupe put on the classic,The Fourth Son Visits His Mother.

The audience frequently applauded to the exquisite and precise singing, movement and expressions of the actors and actresses.

It was said that this activity was one on the series of the “High Art Entering Campus” activities propelled by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance in an effort to improve college students’ artist taste, elevate the level of their cultural life and satisfy the increasing cultural needs of college students.

In the first half of 2016, the university’s Communist Youth League worked hard in negotiating various government departments and finally succeeded in bringing in the National Opera Academy to the university campus.