Nobel Laureate Robert Huber Shares Research Experience with NJU Students

Professor Robert Huber, the Nobel laureate for Chemistry in 1988, delivered a speech on his experience of “New Visual Methods” in research on protein and medicine development to over 1,000 Nanjing University students in the evening of October 25.

Starting with the experience of discovering new antibiotics and anticancer drugs by utilizing protein, Professor Huber talked about how he had developed new drugs and how he had opened up a company with his doctoral students.

Huber is not only a globally renowned scientist but also a successful “entrepreneur” who devotes himself to applying scientific research achievements to practical areas.

The competitiveness of academic papers from Chinese higher education institutions in international journals is on the rise day by day, and this demonstrated indirectly that the overall academic capacity of China’s higher education institutions is becoming stronger and stronger, said Professor Huber.

He looked forward to a stronger Nanjing University in research and innovation and encouraged students to become innovative and to start companies on the basis of academic research.

Many students asked Professor Huber questions towards the end of his speech.

This lecture was chaired by Chen Louhong, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Among those present at the lecture were Ge Junjie, director of the Student Career and Entrepreneurship Center and secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Li Guigen, a professor from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and a “distinguished professor” of the “Global Experts Program” proposed by the CPC Organization Department.

Professor Robert Huber focuses on research in structural biology, active on the frontiers of research and enjoying a high reputation among scientists in the world. He has recently visited China many times. He has almost garnered all the prizes in areas of life science and medice for many years and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1988. In 2014, he was appointed an honorary professor of Nanjing University. Meanwhile, he holds the post of special adviser in the university’s Institute of Chemistry and Biomedicine Science and academic adviser at its Center of Biochemistry Collaborative Innovation.