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Alumni Association
The Alumni Association of Nanjing University has a history of 15 years. Below are some of its milestone events:
In May 1990, the First Alumni Conference was held at Nanjing University. Alumni from home and abroad drafted The Regulations of the Alumni Association of Nanjing University.
The Alumni Association of Nanjing University was formally instituted on June 2, 1991.
In May 1993, the Association was authorized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, thus becoming a legitimate national social organization.
In May 2002, the Third Alumni Conference attracted more than 160 delegates from home and abroad. Its agenda included discussion and approval of the report delivered by the Second Council of the Alumni Association, revision of The Regulations of Alumni Association of Nanjing University and election of the leading members of the Third Council of the Alumni Association.
The alumni of Nanjing University cover students and faculty of Nanjing University as well as her predecessors----the National Central University and the University of Nanking. The Association aims to promote the tradition of the University, strengthen the ties between the University and her alumni, arrange educational, scientific and academic exchanges, and encourage alumni to make contributions to the University and the nation at large.
With a population of more than 100,000, the alumni of the University have spread to every corner of the earth. At present, there are more than 80 branch associations, including alumni associations of the National Central University and the University of Nanking, which have formed a closely-bound international network. In order to facilitate the interactions between the University and alumni, the Association has published a quarterly The Chronicle of Nanjing University Alumni and set up a website on the Internet (
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