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International Cooperation

Nanjing University is active in internationalization. It has established academic exchange relations with over 200 institutions in the world. It sends teachers abroad, employs international teachers, receives international visitors and lecturers, hosts international academic conferences, operates joint education programs, and conducts international research collaboration.

Office of International Cooperation and ExchangesOffice of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs
Office for International Cooperation and Exchanges (International Office) is an administrative organization promoting and facilitating international cooperation and exchanges.
Office of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs is an administrative organization to facilitate academic cooperation and exchanges with the universities and research institutes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Johns Hopkins University – Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies(in Chinese)Established in 1986, the Hopkins- Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies is an educational joint venture between NJU and the Johns Hopkins University in the US. Chinese students study the US and the international system in English with American professors, while international students focus on contemporary China and are taught by Chinese professors in Mandarin. Additionally, with collaborative research projects, joint seminars and cross-registration opportunities, the center fosters a rich cross-cultural learning experience. Each year, it has approximately 100 students in the Certificate program and 40 in the MA program (half Chinese and half international).

Sino-German Institute for Legal Studies(in Chinese)
The Sino-German Institute for Legal Studies, established in 1989, is a successful joint venture between NJU and the University of Göttinge, aimed at promoting the dialogue between German and Chinese legal studies circles. Its teaching and research work show both width and depth. During the past 18 years, the institute has made significant contributions to studies of law in China and Germany and thus enjoys a good reputation in two countries. One focus of the cooperation is on the training of graduate students, who will one day play important roles in the legal field of their own countries.

Sino-Dutch International Business Center of Nanjing University (SDIBC)(in Chinese)
With distinguished faculty from both China and Europe, SDIBC`s primary objective is to foster professionals in business management who can adapt to the increasingly globalized economy and engage in international economic and technological cooperation and competition.

The Center of Chinese and Japanese Studies(in Chinese)
The Center of Chinese and Japanese Studies in NJU (CCJS), which promotes the communication between two countries in academic study and cultural, was established in 2002. It has successfully held three sessions of ‘International Academic Symposium of Hiromatu Wataru and Marxist Philosophy’ not only in Nanjing but also in Tokyo. In 2005, Studies of Cultural and Representation, which was highly praised by students and scholars, was opened in NJU. In addition, ‘Japanese Language Knowledge Contest in East China’ which was organized by NJU for three times has acquired commendation from the sponsors and the media in Japan. The library of center has a collection of over 10,000 volumns and dozens of works, including originated and translated, have been published under the patronage of this institution.

Nanjing University EMBA program with Comell University
The NJU-Cornell EMBA program addresses the needs of the middle and high level management for professional and career development. It focuses on cultivating elite management professionals with innovativeness, decisiveness, and more importantly a global vision.

Sino-Canadian College(in Chinese)
Sino-Canadian College was established in 2005 cooperatively by NJU and the University of Waterloo (UW) in Canada. It offers joint academic programs, currently at the undergraduate level, based on a “Two-Plus-Two” model. That is, students are enrolled by NJU and their initial two years of study are undertaken at NJU; upon meeting UW`s academic requirements, students will be eligible to transfer to UW for their final two years of study. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the joint program will receive degrees from both universities.

The HwaYing Education And Culture Foundation(in Chinese)
The Hwaying Education And Culture Foundation was established in 1988 with a donation of 7.43 million US dollars by Mr. Yu Chi Chung and Mrs. Yu, alumni of NJU and Southeast University. The Foundation aims at cultivating professionals in economics, science and technology, promoting international academic exchanges, and improving the quality of education. Its specific programs include: supporting outstanding young faculty for overseas studies or attending international conferences, inviting top level scholars to NJU to teach or lecture, awarding graduates who choose teaching as their professions, etc.

Institute For International Students, Nanjing University(in Chinese)The Institute of International Students, founded in 1955, has received more than 18,000 international students from over 70 countries. Its present enrollment is around 1,700. Its website provides information about academic programs, application and admissions, tuitions, HSK, etc.

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