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Undergraduate Admissions(in Chinese)
The Undergraduate Admissions website offers information about programs, financial aids, expenses......

Graduate Admissions (in Chinese)
This website provides admission process, programs, financial aids, deadlines......

Continuing Education (in Chinese)
There are numerous paths to personal enrichment and professional development. Choosing the School of Continuing Education (SCE) is one of them. So far, there have been over 110,000 graduates who graduated from SEC at NJU. Over 9000 students are currently enrolled in 64 Correspondence programs and over 390,000 students in 25 self-taught examination programs.

Distance Education
The School of Distance Education applies the advanced network and information technology to learning and teaching. Students can take the online courses, submit their homework, and participate in online discussions. They can also use the online voice Q & A system to communicate with the course instructors. Consequently, teaching can be more tailored to the students’ individual needs.

International Applicants
International students have been an integral part of the NJU campus. The interactions among students with different backgrounds and experiences create a dynamic environment for living and studying. For application form, HSK, educational programs and more information, visit Institute For International Studentsand The Johns Hopkins University­­ – Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies (in Chinese).

Executive, Professional Education
The students can pursue MPA degree at The
Center of MPA Education, Nanjing University (in Chinese), MBA degree at Sino-Dutch International Business Center of Nanjing University (in Chinese) and EMBA degree at Nanjing University EMBA Program with Comell University.

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