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Asteroid Named after Prof. Min Naiben

Published on: 2013-12-24

Published: Dec. 24, 2013

A ceremony was held December 20 to name the No. 199953 asteroid after Nanjing University Professor and Academician Min Naiben in recognition of his great contribution. The No. 199953 asteroid was discovered by the Purple Mountain Observatory in 2007.

Prof. Min Naiben, born in 1935 in Jiangsu Province, is a noted crystal physicist.  He graduated from the Department of Physics, Nanjing University in 1959 and acquired his Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 1987. He was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991 and a member of the Third World Academy of Sciences in 2001.

Academicians Prof. Zhang Shuyi, Prof. Su Dingqiang, Prof. Sun Yisui, Prof. Xing Dingyu, Prof. Zhu Shining, Prof. Wang Guanghou, Prof. Chen Jun, and Director Yang Ji and Deputy Director Jiang Yaowen of the Purple Mountain Observatory also attended the naming ceremony. Nanjing University Vice President and Academician Lv Jian presided over the ceremony.


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