Introduction of Nanjing University Pearl S. Buck Memorial House

The Pearl S. Buck House, located on the Gulou campus of Nanjing University, was the former residence of the writer Pearl S. Buck and her former husband John Lossing Buck, between 1919 and 1934. John Buck received an invitation from John Reisner to join the faculty of the University of Nanking. He and Pearl Buck moved to Nanking late in 1919. He taught courses in scientific agriculture and farm management, while Pearl Buck made arrangements to teach English at both the University of Nanking and the Chinese-governed National University. Pearl Buck spent the most important period of her literary career at the University of Nanking. On the garret of a western style building, she finished The Good Earth, her most influential works of literature. The best-selling novel that depicts Chinese peasants’ life won her the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. Six years later, together with other literary works, she was crowned with 1938 Nobel Laureate in Literature, the first woman writer in American history who received such a prestigious award. Today it is the home of the Pearl S. Buck Memorial Hall.


On May 19, 2012, Nanjing University Pearl S. Buck Memorial House was open to the public. The restoration of the house lasted about more than eight months, from the renovation and related historic materials’ collection, the design of the house, Nanjing University Archive took charge of the work. All the Memorial House was fully functional and with rich means. It has four exhibition room: Pearl Buck’s life story, Pearl Buck and the University of Nanking, Pearl Buck’s Literary Achievements , The Good Earth, and reconstruction of scene of bedroomParlor and so on. We also have film circulation screens and Multimedia conference room. By fixing up the house and display of historical files, we tried to reproduce the scene to Pearl Buck’s real life. At the same time, Nanjing University Archive collected hundreds of Pearl Buck’s works and a lot of photos, most of which were from the period of the republic of China.