Undergraduate Programs

Schools and Departments Program Duration Degree
 School of Liberal Arts Chinese Language and Literature 4 years Arts
 Theater, Movie and Television 4 years Fine Arts
 School of History History 4 years History
 Archaeology 4 years History
 Department of Philosophy Philosophy 4 years Philosophy
 School of Journalism and Communication Advertising 4 years Arts
 Radio and Television 4 years Arts
 Journalism 4 years Arts
 School of Law Law 4 years Law
 School of Business School of Economics Economics 4 years Economics
 Public Finance 4 years Economics
 International Economics and Trade 4 years Economics
 Finance 4 years Economics
 Insurance 4 years Economics
 Financial Engineering 4 years Economics
 School of Business School of Management Business Administration 4 years Management
 Accounting 4 years Management
 Financial Management 4 years Management
 Electronic Commerce 4 years Management
 Marketing 4 years Management
 School of Foreign Studies English 4 years Arts
 Russian 4 years Arts
 Japanese 4 years Arts
 French 4 years Arts
 German 4 years Arts
 Spanish 4 years Arts
 Korean 4 years Arts
 School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Sociology 4 years Law
 Social Work 4 years Law
 Applied Psychology 4 years Science
 School of Government International Politics 4 years Law
 Political Science & Public Administration 4 years Law
 Public Administration 4 years Management
 Personnel Management and Social Security 4 years Management
 School of Information Management Information Management and Information System 4 years Management
 Library Science 4 years Management
 Editing and Publishing 4 years Arts
 Archives Science 4 years Management
 Department of Mathematics Statistics 4 years Science
 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 4 years Science
 Information and Computing Sciences 4 years Science
 School of Physics Physics 4 years Science
 Applied Physics 4 years Science
 Acoustics 4 years Science
 School of Astronomy and Space Sciences Astronomy 4 years Science
 Space Science and Technology 4 years Science
 School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chemistry 4 years Science
 Applied Chemistry 4 years Engineering
 Department of Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Technology 4 years Science
 School of Electronic Science and Engineering Electronic Information Science and Technology 4 years Engineering
 Communication Engineering 4 years Engineering
 Biomedical Engineering 4 years Engineering
 Micro-Electronics Science and Engineering 4 years Engineering
 School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Materials Physics 4 years Science
 Materials Chemistry 4 years Science
 Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering 4 years Engineering
 New Energy Science and Engineering 4 years Engineering
 School of the Environment Environmental Science 4 years Science
 Environmental Engineering 4 years Engineering
 School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Geology 4 years Science
 Geochemistry 4 years Science
 Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering 4 years Engineering
 Geological Engineering 4 years Engineering
 Digital Media Technology 4 years Engineering
 Groundwater Science and Engineering 4 years Engineering
 School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences Geographic Sciences 4 years Science
 Natural Geography and Resource Environment 4 years Science
 Geographic Information Science 4 years Science
 Tourism Management 4 years Management
 Oceanographic Sciences 4 years Science
 School of Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences 4 years Science
 Applied Meteorology 4 years Science
 School of Life Sciences Biological Science 4 years Science
 Ecology 4 years Science
 Biological Technology 4 years Science
 Medical School Basic Medicine 5 years Medicine
 Clinical Medicine 7 years Medicine
 Stomatology 5 years Medicine
 Institute for International Students Chinese Language 4 years Arts
 Teaching of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages 4 years Arts
 School of Software Engineering Software Engineering 4 years Engineering
 School of Management and Engineering Automation 4 years Engineering
 Industrial Engineering 4 years Engineering
 Information Engineering 4 years Engineering
 Financial Engineering 4 years Economics
 School of Architecture and Urban Planning Architecture 4 years Engineering
 Urban Planning 5 years Engineering