Students of the Year: Their Stories in 2016

Who are 2016’s “Nanjing University Students of the Year?” After a two-month process of appraisal and selection, ten students were chosen for the award of the title based on their outstanding achievements in such areas as academic studies, campus activities, volunteer work and student entrepreneurship.

List of 2016 NJU Students of the Year:

Yu Fan, undergraduate of 2013, School of History

Sun Qicheng, postgraduate of 2016, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering

Maimaiti Amutura, undergraduate of 2014, Medical School

Chen Chen, undergraduate of 2013, School of Life Sciences

Yao Wei, undergraduate of 2013, School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences

Gao Xiang, postgraduate of 2016, School of the Environment

Gao Yangyiqiao, undergraduate of 2013, School of Software Engineering

Xi Hong, postgraduate of 2015, School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Lu Dachuan, undergraduate of 2014, Kuang Yaming Honors School

Jiang Yanyan, Ph.D. student of 2013, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Yu Fan

Undergraduate of 2013, School of History

Yu Fan is now studying at the University of Tokyo as an exchange student. She is a member of the undergraduate program of the Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies.

Under the instruction of Professor Hua Tao, she has conducted research on issues of South China Sea and has won university-level scholarships many times. In 2016, she also won the scholarship set up by Zheng Gang, an alumnus of Nanjing University.

As the national champion of 2016 MODEL APEC, Yu Fan attended the 24th APEC Leaders’ Meeting in Peru as a youth representative.

In 2014, she worked as a language assistant at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing and was awarded the title of “Outstanding Volunteer.”

She is also in charge of a core department of the Dream Building Service Association (DBSA), an international nonprofit organization. In that capacity, she went to Kenya and organized public service activities in slums of Nairobi.

She has also worked as an intern with such organizations as the Hebei Office of Xinhua News Agency, the nonprofit organization of Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, Beijing Office of UNWFP, and the State Auditing Administration.  

Sun Qicheng

Postgraduate of 2016, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering

Entering Nanjing University’s School of Earth Sciences and Engineering in 2011 as an undergraduate, Sun continues his graduate work in the same school and also works as the assistant counselor for the undergraduates of 2015 session.

During his undergraduate years, Sun studied hard and won many scholarships. He served as president of the student union in the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering and vice president of the student union of Nanjing University.

He was awarded the title of Excellent Student Leader by Nanjing University and Jiangsu Province, the title of Excellent Summer Social Practice Team of Jiangsu twice, and one of the Top Ten Social Practice Individuals of Nanjing University.

Sun is public-spirited. He won the title of Outstanding Young Volunteers of Jiangsu Province and the Top Ten Volunteers of Nanjing University.

Besides, he won the golden prize of Jiangsu Province and national bronze prize in College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition. He was also awarded the May Fourth Youth Medal and the titles of Excellent Youth League Member and Excellent Graduate.

From August 2015 to July 2016, he worked as a volunteer teacher in No.1 Senior High School of Pingba in Anshun, Guizhou Province. During this period, he made good contributions to teaching, moral education, campus culture construction and poverty alleviation. His stories were reported in the local press for more than 200 times. He was awarded the titles of Outstanding Volunteer of Pingba and Guizhou’s Outstanding Volunteer for the program of voluntary service by university students to the western region.

Maimaiti Amutura

Undergraduate of 2014, Medical School

From Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region and a Uigur himself, Maimaiti Amutura is on the eight-year joined bachelor and doctoral program in clinical medicine.

Owing to his hard work, he has become one in the first batch of undergraduates who are enrolled in the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences of Nanjing University. There, he studies philosophy under the guidance of Professor Hu Daping from the Department of Philosophy.

He also successfully participated in the exchange program with the Pennsylvania State University.

He won such scholarships as People’s Scholarship, National Grants and so on. He was awarded the titles of Advanced Individual in the Work-Study Program and Excellent Campus Brand Manager by the Nanjing Branch of China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

As for hobbies, he loves football. Under his leadership, the medical school’s football team won the championship of 2016 FA Cup of Nanjing University, and he himself won the “Golden Boot” as the top scorer.

The Medical School named him Person of the 2015 – 2016 Year.  

Chen Chen

Undergraduate of 2013, School of Life Sciences

Chen Chen has won the Jing Chu Scholarship, Innovation Scholarship and the first prize of the excellence salon of the School of Life Sciences.

He finished the national innovation training project under the guidance of his professor even in his first year, and he took part in innovation practices of “cultural representation theory” and had internship in Swedish Nature of the Uppsala University.

He led the Nanjing-China team to attend 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition, the most prestigious international academic competition in synthetic biology. After a year’s preparation, the team showed up and won the golden medal with its project HydroMagic. It also received the nominations for the best energy projects and the best poster. Finally, the team won the individual award of the best energy project, leading Nanjing University’s team to the first rank in China and in the world.  

Yao Wei

Undergraduate of 2013, School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences

Yao won the national-level scholarship, people’s scholarship and Ge Zongliang scholarship.

She participated in the innovation training project “Scenic area exclusive itinerary model” and the project has been chosen to be a national program.

She was a secretary of the Student Union office, director of the research department and vice chairman of the Student Union. Yao has organized over 20 student activities about campus culture, study of student rights, public welfare and entrepreneurship.

On March 2016, Yao was sent by the Student Union of Nanjing University to attend the seminar of the university student leaders in Australia.

She is now the chief violoncello player of the school orchestra and director of Mengma Music Studio. She was invited to attend the Belgium music festival with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and has actively participated in over 30 performances both on and off the campus of the university.

Gao Xiang

Postgraduate of 2016, School of Environment

Gao Xiang is a master’s student and a member of the Communist Party. He once served as president of the Student Federation of Jiangsu Province and president of the Student Union of Nanjing University. He made every effort to enrich the campus culture and serve others. He has won the titles of Excellent Student Cadre of Jiangsu Province, Excellent Communist Youth League Member of Nanjing University and Advanced Individual of Campus Culture Construction.

As a top student in academic performance, Gao was also a “young environmental builder.” He has won many scholarships such as the National Scholarship, Menglan Environmental Protection Scholarship, and Chinese-Academy-of-Sciences Institute of Geography & Limnology Scholarship. He was awarded the golden prize at the Sixth National University Competition in Environmental Protection Science and Technology Innovation and Design and the third prize of the environmental protection competition by the Green University League of the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

He published his paper in the top environmental science journal ES&T as the second author.

He tried to combine knowledge with public service work and won in the province the title of Excellent Individual in the Program of Officials, Doctors, Scientist and College Students Going to Serve in the Countryside, the title of Excellent Volunteer of the College Science Camp, and the silver prize of the “Creative Youth” Starting-up Competition.

Gao Yangyiqiao

Undergraduate of 2013, School of Software Engineering

Gao Yangyiqiao is an undergraduate of 2013, School of Software Engineering. He is a member of the Communist Youth League. He served as a deputy director at the Student Union of Nanjing University and at the School of Software Engineering committee of the Youth League. In those capacities, he organized several large-scale activities.

In 2015, he created Yikemi Technology Company, which received an angel investment of 3 million yuan. His products were available in 2016, having over 20,000 users. In 2016, his company was estimated as having 70 million yuan by A-round investment and 10 million yuan as venture capital investment. In 2016, the company created a new program and received an angel investment of 2 million yuan.

Gao won the titles of Excellent Member of the Communist Youth League of Nanjing University and Excellent Cadre of the Communist Youth League of Nanjing University and won the second prize of the First Student Entrepreneur Project Competition of Nanjing University, silver prize of the “Internet Plus” College Student Entrepreneur Competition of Jiangsu Province, golden prize and copper prize of the “Creative Youth” National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneur Competition of Jiangsu Province and China. His achievements have been reported by several famous news media.

On behalf of Nanjing University, he is also a member of the first session of China Youth Leaders Association.  

Xi Hong

Postgraduate of 2015, School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Xi Hong is a master’s student, but, when he represented Nanjing University in 2015, he was the third place winner of the undergraduate students at the 2015 President’s Medals Competition of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). 

This was the first time in this competition a university student from Mainland China won such a prize.

During his undergraduate years, his grade point average (GPA) from major courses was the highest of the year. He was the winner of the National Scholarships of the 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 years, one of the two first-prize winners in the 2016 excellent projects of exchange students from China’s architectural schools and colleges, and the only first-prize winner in the “Landmark design contest of the Suqian section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal.”

He and his supervisor designed the “Shitang Village Internet Conference Center,” which was constructed in October 2016 and was a great breakthrough and innovation in design philosophy and construction technology of architecture.

Xi once served as the head of the organization department of the Youth League committee of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning.  

Lu Dachuan

Undergraduate of 2014, KuangYaming Honors School

Lu majors in Physics and has won many scholarships, awards and honors such as National Scholarship, Zheng Gang Scholarship, Top Student Program Special Grade Scholarship, the first prize of Nanjing University Basic Sciences Forum, and Nanjing University Outstanding Student.

He served as the team leader of Nanjing University physics competition team, which won the special prize in the 2015 National Undergraduate Physics Tournament and the first prize in the 2016 tournament. Besides, in 2016 he was the team leader of Nanjing University physics team in Taiwan College-Student Physicists’ Tournament and read an academic paper at Taiwan’s Physics Annual Conference. Due to his outstanding achievements in academic competitions, he was recommended to be the referee of Jiangsu Province Physics Tournament.

Also he represented Kuang Yaming Honors School and took part in the academic exchange forum for college students by the National Basic Discipline Top Student Training Pilot Program. On the forum he read his paper, and his independent research achievement won him the first prize.

Committed to basic science research, he has closely worked with his supervisor, written many high quality papers, and been recommended to take part in the International Symposium on Intrinsic Josephson Effects and Plasma Oscillations in High-Tc Superconductors. Besides, he is good at sports and is public-spirited.  

Jiang Yanyan

Doctoral student of 2013, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Jinag Yanyan published over 10 papers in the four sub-areas of software engineering (concurrent programming, mobile application, reliability and software maintenance), of which four were in top conferences (CCF-A (China Computer Federation)) as the first author. He found bugs unrealized by the developers of many famous open-source softwares (OSS) and assisted in their fixations. His design made it come true to the direct operation of the teaching operating system Nanos on computer hardware, which provides experiment framework, instruction texts and teaching assisting programs.

His five-year teaching of the experiment course “operating system” pushed the innovation in the teaching of computer systems.

When he served as the coach of Nanjing University’s ACM-ICPC teams and as a member of the committee of Jiangsu Youth Information Science Olympiad, the university’s teams won 7 gold medals nationwide and participators from Jiangsu won 4 gold medals worldwide, 1 silver medal worldwide and dozens of gold medals nationwide.

Source: Student Affairs Department (SAD) of NJU & WeChat Public Account of SAD, NJU

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