The Chinese Instruments Orchestra of Nanjing University

The Chinese Instruments Orchestra of Nanjing University was founded in 1996, composed of graduate and undergraduate students of different majors. The orchestra has bowed stringed instruments, plucked instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments. It plays all forms of Chinese folk music such as ensemble, unison, and solo. 


The orchestra is aimed at promoting Chinese culture, advocating high art, pushing forward quality-oriented education and showing the graceful bearing of the students. It is well-trained, well-coordinated, and always trying to improve, so it is popular not only among teachers and students but also among people from all walks of life.


Since its establishment, the orchestra has held over 500 concerts and performed over 1,000 pieces of folk music. It has won many awards including grand prizes and first prizes in the National College Students’ Art Performance and has been invited to perform in many countries including Canada, Germany, Japan, USA, UK, Russia, Korea and Singapore and in regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. It has won worldwide praises.


Since Nanjing University is located in the southern part of the Yangtze River, the orchestra, is characterized by the beautiful and melodious local music. Through hard training and practice, the orchestra has already developed its own style and produced its own repertoire. Its album Xuezi Qin Yun, a collection of their performance, is widely praised by scholars and professionals.