Sino-Japanese NJU Meeting Discusses Rural Development and Planning

Nanjing University held on January 6, 2017 an international symposium on Rural Development and Planning, at which Chinese and Japanese specialists used their development experiences to elaborate their views on such themes as rural recession, township enterprises, rural tourism, and rural planning.

The symposium was chaired by Zhai Guofang, deputy dean of School of Architecture and Urban Planning 

At the meeting, Professor Zhai Guofang and Professor Kojima Toshio, of Kyoto University, delivered welcoming speeches on behalf of the Chinese and Japanese sides respectively.

Professor Zhang Xiaolin, of Nanjing Normal University, and Professor Zhai Guofang made keynote addresses titled, respectively, “The Rural Reconstruction in the Process of China’s Rapid Urbanization” and “Analyzing the Urbanization Choices on the Basis of Nanjing’s Pilot Practice on Urban and Rural Co-Ordination.”

Both outlined the current situations, problems and prospects of China’s rural development.


The Chinese and Japanese specialists had heated discussions on the modes of China’s rural development and planning, the motivation of Japan’s rural development, and its One Village One Product practice.

Both sides agreed that the cooperation and exchanges between China and Japan should be strengthened in the future.

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