Administrative Offices

President’s Office

Assisting university administrators with coordinating various kinds of work and providing suggestions and logistic services

Tel:+86-25-89683186 /83593186

Human Resources Office

  • Carrying out various talent programs

  • Setting personnel quotas and job posts

  • Recruiting, evaluating, promoting and transferring faculty and staff

  • Managing personnel files

Tel:+86-25-89686985 /83596985

Teaching Affairs Office

Managing teaching affairs concerning the university’s undergraduate (including the second Bachelor’s degree) students

Tel:+86-25-89683341 /83593341

Science and Technology Office

  • Organizing scientific and medical research

  • Awarding scientific achievements

  • Managing research institutes

Tel:+86-25-89683081 /83593081

Scientific Achievement Application Center

  • Converting scientific achievements into applicable technology

  • Collecting, selecting, developing and promoting scientific achievements within or without the university

  • Reporting and running scientific achievements application institutions of all levels

Office of Humanities & Social Sciences 

  • Directing the development of social science and humanities institutions of the university

  • Managing national, provincial and others’ research projects

  • Managing scientific achievements in social sciences and humanities

  • Organizing academic activities of liberal arts disciplines

Tel:+86-25-89684537 /83594537

Student Affairs Office

  • In charge of political education, daily management, financial aid and admission of the university’s undergraduate students

  • Branches including education office, financial aid office and admissions office

Tel:+86-25-89686585 /83593004

Mental Health Education and Research Center

  • Providing all students with psychological counseling services

  • Conducting research on mental health education of the university students

Tel:+86-25-89680355 /83593765

Graduate School

Admission, education, degree granting and daily management of graduate students

Tel:+86-25-89682423 /83592423

Students’ Career Guidance Center

Providing assistance to undergraduate and graduate students with their career development

Tel:+86-25-89680328 /83595076

Discipline Development Office

Making plans for the development of the university and its academic disciplines

Tel:+86-25-89684342 /83594342

Office of Informatization

In charge of the university’s cyber security and informatization


School of Continuing Education

In charge of continuing education


School of Distance Education

In charge of distance education


Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges (Office of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau affairs)

In charge of international cooperation and exchanges and work related to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau


Office of Financial Affairs

In charge of the financial affairs of the university


Office of Tender Invitation (subordinate to Finance Office)

In charge of inviting tenders

Tel:+86-25-89688959 /83688959

Audit Office

Auditing financial transactions of the university


Supervision Office

Supervising and monitoring the university’s departments, offices and employees

Tel:+86-25-89683545 /83593545

Real Estate Office

Managing and maintaining the real estate and environment of the university

Tel:+86-25-89686059 /83596059

State Property Office

In charge of the management of the assets of the university, including the purchase, tender invitation, agreement signing, archive management, allocation and obsolescence of laboratory facilities and equipment and the use, sharing and assessment of large-dcale, expensive laboratory facilities

Tel:+86-25-89686006 /83686006

Security Office

Safeguarding the safety and stability of the campus and providing students and faculty with related services

Tel:+86-25-89683017 /83592226

Capital Construction Office

Making plans for the construction of the campuses and managing the capital construction of the university


Logistic Service Group

Providing faculty and students with logistic services

Tel:+86-25-83592345 /83593656 /83595128

Development Commission (Education Development Foundation)

Raising funds for the university and managing the donations to the university


Alumni office

  • Communicating with alumni associations and building networks

  • Organizing alumni activities

  • Managing donations by alumni

Tel:+86-25-89682469 /83592469

Subordinate departments


Providing services on books and information

Tel:+86-25-83592949 /83592324

Chinese Social Science Research Assessment Center

Established in 2000 and directly under the instruction of the department of social sciences, the Ministry of Education; developing CSSCI

Tel:+86-25-83595841 /83593138 /83685102

Archive and Museum of University history

Preserving the university’s archives and providing services on their use

Tel:+86-25-89680695 /83592403


Collecting and preserving cultural relics


Publishing academic books of every field


Journal Editorial Department

Editing and publishing Journal of Nanjing University

Tel:+86-25-83592704  83597385

Network and Information Center

Building and running the network of the university and providing technical support

Tel:+86-25-89684748 /83594748

Educational Technology Center

Providing technical support for teaching


Modern Analysis Center

Providing analysis and test services for the university’s teaching and research

Tel:+86-25-83592248 /83595565    

Nanjing University Capital Management Co. Ltd.

Making investment on behalf of the university

Tel:+86-25-83593317 /83594240


Providing health service for students, faculty and staff