​Lyu Jian Meets Nobel Laureate Le Clézio

Nanjing University President Lyu Jian met with Professor Jean Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel laureate in Literature (2008), on Xianlin Campus on December 5.   

Leaders of the university’s relevant departments and schools were present at the meeting.    


Lyu Jian meets with Professor Le Clézio. [Photo: She Zhijun]      

Lyu Jian noted that Nanjing University attaches great importance to building up inner quality in its talent cultivation and has achieved ground-breaking results while boosting the integration of general education and disciplinary education.    

Over the recent years, said Lyu, Professor Le Clézio has been teaching undergraduate students as a resident professor at the university’s Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. The professor has broadened the international vista of the faculty and students, is popular among them and is highly commended by people from all walks of life.    

Lyu extended gratitude to Professor Le Clézio for his contributions to the cause of education and hoped that he could continue to teach at the university and facilitate the university’s “Double First Class” construction.       

Professor Le Clézio shared his feelings for Nanjing, noting that it is the profound history and humanism of this city that has deeply attracted him. He said Nanjing University’s educational philosophy and curriculum design jointly strike a good balance between science, philosophy and art.    

By teaching at Nanjing University, he has deepened his understanding of China’s traditional culture and has forged close friendship with teachers and students. In the future, he will help with student growth by strengthening communication with students of various disciplines.    

Professor Le Clézio will continue to work with Nanjing University in 2019, and he signed the relevant agreement with Lyu.    


Source: News Center/Gao Ya   


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