Impression of NJU

Before leaving Italy I thought Nanjing might have been a nice city to live in. I had already been in Beijing, so my choice to go to Nanjing was mainly due to its historical background and its current importance as a modern Chinese city. Nanjing lived up to my expectations. The city is great, greener than other Chinese metropolis, the public transportation is very well organized, I could go everywhere by metro and it was also very fast and not so crowded. Nanjing has many interesting places to visit and it perfectly mixes old with modern architecture.

The university was also well-organized. The university staff were helpful and everyone always tried to solve my problems and to answer my questions. The teachers were good, and every day they tried their best to teach us Chinese.
The university also offers good sport facilities as a football pitch, basketball grounds, a gym and a swimming pool where you can meet even more people. I went to the swimming pool, a little crowded, but, must be said, well equipped.

The people around were also very friendly. I met many foreign students and I made friends with them. Some evenings we went out, we went to karaoke, we had dinners together. We had a very good time. Not only did I meet foreign students, but I also met some Chinese students. They also were very friendly and I like saying that they were the most helpful people I have ever met.

This is Nanjing university, a place where you always have a good time with good people. I will never forget this experience, I will never forget Nanjing. (William Torselletti (立威) - Italy)

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