Center for Risk, Disaster and Crisis Research

Center for Risk, Disaster & Crisis Research (CRDCR), Nanjing University, established in 2005, is the leading center in research on the management of risks, disasters and crises in China.

CRDCR is aimed at developing an emerging discipline focusing on the non-routine management of risks in society. Over the past ten years, the center has been working on the theoretical framework for the emerging discipline as well as policy solutions as the adaptive capacity of emergency management in complex environments.

Internationally, the center has developed collaboration with leading research institutions such as the Center for Disaster Management at University of Pittsburgh and the Program of Crisis Leadership at Harvard University.

In 2014, CRDCR, with the support of the Tang's Foundation in the USA, started to initiate a project in developing a multi-disciplinary network of risk, disaster, and crisis research in China, which includes tasks of case collection, research community building, and laboratory simulation.


Dr. Zhang Haibo


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