Center for the Studies of Contemporary Foreign Literature and Culture

The Center for the Studies of Contemporary Foreign Literature and Culture is founded in 2006 and is one of the university’s Key Research Institutes of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Center aims to promote research in four main fields of study: 

  • Contemporary foreign literature studies

  • Contemporary foreign literary and cultural theory studies

  • Literary translation and cultural relations studies

  • Language and culture studies.  

The staff of the center have undertaken a number of state- or province-funded research projects which aim to give new insights into the study of foreign literature and culture. Some of these are: Post-WWII Foreign Literature and World History, Contemporary Foreign Literature, Contemporary Foreign Literary and Cultural Theories, Nobel Prize-Winning Authors, Globalization and Intercultural Studies, and French Translation and Reception of Contemporary Chinese Literature.  

Since its establishment, the center has been active in organizing academic activities, hosting lectures, workshops, forums and symposiums. It also publishes a quarterly journal, Contemporary Foreign Literature, and a book series of monographs and essay collections, including 

  • Narrative and History: Essays on Contemporary Foreign Literature (2011)

  • Text and Interpretations: Essays on Nobel Prize-Winning Authors (2011)

  • Studies on V. S. Naipaul (2013)

  • A History of British Literary Criticism (2013)

  • Realist and Postmodernist Literature in the Context of Post-WWII World History (2013)

  • Historical Process and Literary Transformation: Essays on 21st Literature in English (2014).


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